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Happy Arch by Michael D Ellis, LLC 

Orthotics Arch Supports™




Michael D Ellis, LLC is the supplier, distributor and retailer of Happy Arch  Orthotics Arch Supports™

Michael Dennis, LLC supplies a growing number of Partners and Clients along with Dealer / Retail establishments and Professional practices, both in the United States and Internationally, with well designed and USA manufactured  Orthotics Arch Supports™. Shoe inserts and insoles at exceptional prices.

 Happy Arch  Orthotics Arch Supports™ are the The Most Advanced Orthotic Arch Supports Ever Developed!

Expertly Made, Custom Fit, Worn, Approved and Recommended By Podiatrists, Pedorthists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and Sports Medicine Clinicians as well as Reflexologists and Massage Therapists. Proven Successful for Over 4 Decades, Happy Arch  Have Helped People Around the World.

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Order Happy Arch Orthotics

Order Happy Arch Orthotics$350

Order Happy Arch Orthotics If your ready to order your Happy Arch Orthotics Arch Supports you are on the right page. The first thing we do is send you out a FREE PediSizer™ Home Sizing Kit or Foam Impression. This has easy instructions. The reason we size you, is that two people wearing the samenbsp;… [View Details]

Order Comfort Cushions

Order Comfort Cushions$15

Order Comfort Cushions Comfort Cushions  are designed for people with diabetes, arthritis or other conditions that result in sensitive feet, along with those who just want a superior cushion for their shoes. Comfort Cushions are constructed of a super tough nylon covering bonded to a premium quality, extra thick high-density sponge rubber base. Available innbsp;… [View Details]